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Goregaon Mumbai offers a brilliant amalgamation of fascinatingly urban and stylish properties at affordable prices. Goregaon property rates are not the cheapest in Mumbai but considering factors such as prelaunch prices and special deals, investing in Goregaon projects is a possibility for all and sundry.

The list of Goregaon properties is enticingly diverse. While some Goregaon Mumbai properties are there to cater to the requisites of small families and are not on the lookout for sprawling living areas, there are numerous other properties in Goregaon that offer larger than life living spaces, bedrooms and exotic bathrooms. The quality of Goregaon Mumbai properties from every perspective is world class. At one end you would find stringent RCC compliance of the high rise towers, mechanized car parking, high speed automated elevators and at another end you would get facilities to the tune of rooftop lounge and lap size swimming pools.

Goregaon Mumbai property prices can get very interesting considering the value appreciation in the market. The convenience of living in a property in Goregaon Mumbai has catapulted its demands. Anyone sparing a look at the Goregaon map would get to know that conveyance is never a concern. With the advent of state of the art malls, multiplexes, health facilities and even schools of international standard, life in Goregaon Mumbai is not the same as it was a decade back.

Browsing through various sources for information on Goregaon properties and Goregaon property rates could be a time consuming and a very exhaustive exercise for you and given the times we live in, we may have everything but not time. A quick handy resource that introduces you to Goregaon projects, talks about Goregaon property rates, gives you the details and description of all properties in Goregaon can be a very useful guide. That is exactly what you get with us, a one stop resource offering everything about Mumbai properties Goregaon has to offer.

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There are more than 60 projects in Goregaon in various stages of construction and completion. The new projects in Goregaon cover a wide range of areas in every specific type of apartment. Goregaon Mumbai real estate has some of the biggest names offering high rise buildings in Goregaon such as Esquire, Exotica, Raheja Heights, Tripolis and JP Decks among many others. Goregaon new projects offer enough variants in types and sizes of apartments with 1 BHK ranging anywhere from 500 to 700 sq ft and even duplex apartments having a huge variance in sizes and architecture. Every new construction in Goregaon offers more options to prospective home owners. Goregaon residential projects are in sync with the real estate phenomenon that has been omnipresent in Mumbai of late. Whichever type of homes you look for, the properties in Goregaon Mumbai would have enough options to choose from.


Investing in Goregaon is investing in a convenient lifestyle. Goregaon is just off the Western Express Highway and home to the trendy Hub Mall. It is close to Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road and also hosts the city’s hippest entertainment spots, malls and luxury hotels. Goregaon has fine schools like Oberoi International, Yashodham and Mount Mary High School in the neighborhood. It is 2 km from S V Road and 1 km from proposed Oshiwara station. The Goregaon Link Road and Goregaon Station connect all significant places in Mumbai. It is 5 km from Goregaon Station. From every perspective, Goregaon is one of the most happening neighborhoods of Mumbai. Whichever way you look at, any Goregaon investment would appear to be a just choice.

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